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How Can A Psychotherapist Near Me Help to Improve My Mental Health?

Finding the help of a psychotherapist can be a game-changing experience. A professionally educated and trained psychologist can help to guide individuals through the processes necessary to better understand issues within their own lives. From anxiety and depression to specific women's issues, the best psychotherapists near can go a long way toward rendering, processing, and moving toward healthier resolutions within our personal experiences.

If you are looking to hire a psychotherapist to help you address your mental health, Kim Howlett of Vox Psychotherapy can be of assistance.

Hiring Psychotherapists: Getting Started Today With Vox Psychotherapy

Vox Psychotherapy offers professional therapeutic services to individuals in a number of key areas. Focused on mental health and wellness, Kim can offer an inclusive space for clients of all identities and backgrounds.

Here is how you can enjoy mental health services, today!

1) Schedule a Consultation - Initial consultations at Vox Psychotherapy should take roughly 30 minutes. This session is important for assessing your health, goals, concerns, and risks.

2) Come Up With a Game Plan - Once you've sat down for your consultation, ask questions to clarify outcomes. Therapy is for YOU, so feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

3) Progress, Progress, Progress - Success isn't an overnight outcome, so stay confident as you work with your psychotherapist day-in and day-out.

Kim Howlett is the founder of Vox Psychotherapy and it is through her work that clients are seeing a change in their day-to-day lives. Kim graduated in 2015 with her MACP/Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. After moving to Fort Worth, TX, for her postdoctoral residency, Kim would shift her attention to work with the general population on issues pertaining to self-esteem, personality disorders, and anxiety disorders.

With years of experience in the field and an inclusive practice that welcomes everyone, Vox Psychotherapy is ready to help you with your mental health and wellness. Contact Kim today at Vox Psychotherapy to schedule your initial consultation.

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