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Therapeutic Offerings

What Therapeutic Offerings Are Available for Mild to Moderate Depression?

Depression and anxiety are quiet and invisible afflictions that impacts more than 264 million people around the globe. As the push for a more complete understanding surrounding mental health increases, we will see more individuals looking for therapeutic offerings to treat their mild to moderate depression. Depression and anxiety can be debilitating afflictions that rob you of your joy while preventing you from seeking help. With that being said, it is never too late to seek help!

If you are tired of struggling with your depression or anxiety without assistance, the team at Vox Psychotherapy may be able to offer you support.

How Therapeutic Offerings Can Treat Mild to Moderate Depression and Anxiety

We often look at psychotherapy as 'talk therapy' due to the typical structure that these therapeutic offerings form. Talk therapy has been shown as an effective treatment for combatting mild to moderate depression while helping individuals to learn new skills for coping and disrupting problematic thought cycles.

While talk therapy is at the foundation of the work that Vox Psychotherapy has available, founder Kim Howlett has years of experience on her side to help YOU find the services that are right for your needs. Here are a few different approaches that can help to treat your depression when you work with Vox Psychotherapy.

1) Cognitive Therapy - Cognitive therapy explores how our ideas and thoughts can manifest into our emotions while giving us the tools to understand both.

2) Behavioral Therapy - While cognitive therapy focuses on negative thoughts, behavioral therapy focuses on negative behaviors. For depression, changing our behavior is as important as changing how we think!

3) Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - CBT Therapy is ideal for addressing anxiety and depression, often at once. Kim likes to give her clients homework such as journaling or penning thought exercises, both examples of CBT in action.

Contact Vox Psychotherapy to schedule your free consultation and intake session at your convenience!

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