Women's Counseling

Vox Psychotherapy Is the Women's Counseling Source You Can Trust.

The role that our mental health plays in our day-to-day lives is impossible to ignore. For far too many individuals, ignoring mental health can become easy to a problematic degree. Working with a Women's Counseling Center can be a great way to address issues about your mental health and wellness.

Let's take a moment to look into the role that a counselor can play when addressing mental health in psychotherapy.

Mental health is not a monolith. What one person struggles with, another person might never have to deal with. What is important to remember is that no matter your struggles, you aren't alone. By improving self-esteem women can learn to trust their judgment, rid themselves of their anxiety, and undo the issues that have damaged their mental health. Let's take a look at how women's counseling can help you to address your self-esteem issues.

1) Identify Causes - When you work with Kim and Vox Psychotherapy, you will learn how to identify the root causes that trigger your low self-esteem. Understanding the sources of your insecurity can be the first step towards changing them.

2) Process Past Trauma - Trauma can take many forms in our life and only through therapy can we fully understand them. Learn to process past trauma while simultaneously helping your future self.

3) Changing Thought Patterns - Our life consists of the thoughts that we have. When we learn to understand problematic thought patterns, we can disrupt them before they impact us. This can be vital when addressing issues relating to your self-esteem.

When you work with Vox Psychotherapy on your mental health needs, you will find yourself in an inclusive virtual office that is LGBTQIA-affirming and culturally humble. Founded by Kim Howlett, Vox is dedicated to providing an experience that is at once science-based and judgment-free.

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