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Kim Howlett & Vox

Vox came about as a response to the encounters I've had with clients that just struggle to see how radically awesome they are.  Too many vibrant, fierce, intelligent, strong people discount themselves, degrade themselves, and neglect themselves.

After sitting with a client for what felt like the millionth time, hearing them unknowingly repeat back the abuse they'd heard from other people, I knew where life was calling me.

If you have ever distrusted your own judgement, when you know deep down, "I am better than this," if you find yourself dating the same abusive person over and over, if you have ever caught yourself feeling good about yourself and promptly beat yourself down, I want to talk to you.

It's possible to see yourself for the utter rockstar that you are.  

We'll do it together.

Abstract Horizon

My philosophy on therapy

No Bullsh*t

I don't deal in mystery.  The things I've learned aren't something I'm going to use as a weapon against you, and I don't do what I do to puff myself up.  My investment is in you feeling better and stronger.  Jerking you around doesn't help get either of us to that goal.


I will always do my best to give you straightforward answers.  I am always working to learn and keep up with the latest research on the areas I treat.  If I don't have an answer, I'll tell you.  


I'm not going to pretend that I know all about your life experiences.  You are the expert on you; I want to learn from your life experiences so we can teamwork the things you're struggling with.  I am never going to judge you or put you down for what you've been through.

Abstract Horizon


No zoning out, catching up on paperwork, or checking my phone.  I am not here to phone it in and be a bobble-head.  The bulk of the work needs to come from you, but I will show up to try to make it easier.  I take that responsibility seriously. 

Down to Earth

Life is not an episode of Leave It To Beaver.  It's not reasonable to expect people not to get real when they're talking about real life.  If you've ever been burned by a therapist for dropping an F-bomb or talking about your religion or politics, you know what I mean.  You don't have to manage my emotions while you're talking.  That's my job.  Feel free to curse or be as candid as you need to in order to talk about your stuff.


Therapy is not something I do TO you.  Therapy works best when we collaborate.  You have power in our work together.  Your feedback is pretty darn important, so I want to know what's helping.  Let's do more of that.

Areas of Focus
  • Trauma and complex trauma

  • Medically stable eating disorders

  • Women's issues

  • Mild to moderate anxiety

  • Building assertiveness and boundaries

  • Third wave CBT (DBT, ACT, CBT)

  • EMDR

  • Interpersonal effectiveness

In 2015, I graduated with an MACP/Psy.D.- both in clinical psychology.  After I graduated, I relocated to Fort Worth, TX for my postdoctoral residency in long-term care settings with the elderly.  Upon moving to Salt Lake City with my partner, I began to work with a more general population focusing on anxiety disorders, self-esteem, and personality disorders. 


I love what I do.

In my free-time, I can be found studying, reading, knitting, and playing video games.  I enjoy writing when I get time, and have been known to paint a random painting every now and again.  I am a card-carrying Cat Lady, and my two trouble-makers have been known to put in a cameo performance during sessions.

I try to be affirming to all who come for my help.  I try to be as culturally humble as I can, and am racial justice affirming.  I support Black Lives Matter.  I encourage patients who are religious or spiritual to explore how their faith can be integrated into their therapeutic work.  For my Utah clients, I am a non-LDS therapist.

I am LGBTQIA+ allied and firmly believe that trans rights are human rights.  My pronouns are She/Hers.

I am sex-positive, kink-allied and sex worker allied.  I affirm a person's right to be in healthy relationships that meet their needs, be it traditional monogamy, consensual non-monogamy, open, or polyamorous relationships.  

I am a body positive therapist and believe in health at every size.  I don't view weight management as an entree to personal happiness in life, but rather one part of physical and mood maintenance.  


2019 - 2022

Doctor On Demand- Staff psychologist, associate staff psychologist

2023- present

Te Whatu Ora Te Toka Tumai

Tupu Era Eating Disorder Service

Auckland, New Zealand

Clinical Psychologist

2017 - 2019

Board Member, Depression Connection for Recovery- Fort Worth, TX


Spring Health- contracted psychologist

2016 - 2019

Deer Oaks Mental Health Associates- Clinical Psychologist

2015 - 2016

Deer Oaks Mental Health Associates- Postdoctoral Resident

2014 - 2015

National Psychology Training Consortium- Predoctoral Intern

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