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The inaugural post

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Wow! What a journey this has been.

In my FAQ, I mentioned that I came to the idea for Vox after I had an epiphany after a session. Many of my people are extremely high functioning badasses. I experience the same feeling that I think we all get, though, that the people around us that we love and care about just don't give themselves the credit that they're due. I can't even count how many times I've wanted to rip out handfuls of my own hair when I see someone dating or working way below themselves. If you are a human that loves and spends time with other humans, odds are, you've probably felt the same way.

As Eddie Izzard said in one of his routines- Et Voila!

I suppose the inaugural post is about not taking yourself for granted, and not thinking you're aiming way above your station if you start going after what you really want. Whether that's dating someone that you never imagined would be interested in you, aiming for a pretty significant pay raise, or cutting ties with someone that treats you like shit, it can be yours. Have you ever heard the phrase "Don't compare your insides with someone elses' outsides?" Yeah, many (most) of us end up doing that. It's a universality and I bet you a stack of cash that we could find at least 100 sites on Google that address comparison and how it's only useful if you're using it to cultivate your own gratitude.

So how do you start recognizing your own badassery?

By actually developing awareness of how much you have going for you. Start small. Even if all you can recognize about yourself without feeling fake is that you're on time to appointments, that you have nice handwriting, or you fold a mean load of laundry, it's a very important first step.

Those steps snowball, and if you can find one, you can find others, as long as you're being fair to yourself and actually "working the program."

Authenticity is a problem that comes up for a lot of people as they do this. "How can I do this if I feel like I'm lying on myself?"

That's why the small steps are important. See aforementioned snowball.

Also be aware that authenticity comes with practice, because in this instance, you are practicing a new way of looking at things. New stuff always feels awkward as ass and fake AF at first.

Just think of all the hard things you've done in your life. Maybe you've started your own business. Maybe you've set a difficult boundary with someone in your family. Maybe you've pushed another human being out of your own body. Maybe you've had to come out to your family. Maybe you've fled from a partner that threatened your life.

You've done harder stuff in your life than giving yourself a compliment every once in a while. I can't guarantee that the journey to self-love is an easy one, but it is definitely doable. Start small, start writing things down as you recognize them, and reference them regularly. This is the beginning of a new you and it only gets better from here on out.

All the best,


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