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How do we make our lives better?

By figuring out what we want and deciding how to get there.
By deciding how to make our support systems healthier.
By making ourselves healthier.

Work Desk

Step 1

Find the 'why.'  Game-plan.  Strategize, together.


Step 2

Roll out the plan.  Problem-solve.  Find the things that work for you.


What is Vox?

From Latin, vox means voice.  As in vox mulieribus 'voice of women,' or vox populi 'voice of the people.'

Many people struggle to find their own voice.

Vox Psychotherapy aims to help people reclaim their voices and make beneficial changes in their lives.

I provide individual therapy for people that want to learn more about themselves and be more effective in daily life.

I use interventions focused on mindfulness, and existential exploration blended with more concrete third-wave CBT tools to manage your anxiety and improve your self-concept.
High Five

Step 4

Live the dream.

Work Desk

Step 3

Tie up loose ends.  Refine.  Fine-tune.

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